70% Chipotle & Chilies Infused Chocolate Bar


Chilies infused in 70% fudgy and chocolatey dark chocolate couverture.  Spicy, chocolatey, and a little smoky, this confection is so much more than just a chocolate bar.

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We’ve taken chipotles, anchos, and a little red pepper flake and infused them for hours in this already super fudgy and chocolatey 70% dark chocolate couverture.  The result?  A sort of spicy, fudgy, and intensely dark chocolate with some smokey hints.  As you let this one melt in your mouth you’ll find the flavor evolves as different aromatic and flavor compounds are released; this happens with a lot of chocolates, but its particularly fun with this one.  As you might expect it does pack a little heat at the end so consider yourself warned!

All items from our Bars Line of products are perfect for the person who wants a quality and delicious handmade confection that isn’t quite as finicky as our bonbons.  They make great additions to gift baskets, stockings, and other gifts.  All of our packaged goods are also perfect items to keep in your cupboard in the event of a late-night craving or sudden need for a sweet treat!

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